Honey From Mixed Blossom

Honey of delicate taste; commonly used to sweeten foods: coffee, tea, herbal tea and chamomile or paired to a variety of fruits, juices and fresh cheeses. Known for its nutritional and energizing properties, it's especially recommended  for children, athletes,  elderly, sick or any person who make strenuous and stressful jobs.

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The production of this honey it isn't monocultivar but comes from a variety of wild plants or crops and ornamentals. To which the characteristics of the product, its colour from pale-yellow to brown, its fluid or crystallized consistence, smell and taste, can change depending on the area of production, on the seasons and the kinds of flowers cultivated. This honey has not been subjected to any treatment that could modify the natural characteristics and nutritional properties.

Net weight:  500 g - 17,6 oz

Package: 12 pcs