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  • This honey is among the most important of the national production, its beneficial and therapeutic properties have been recognized by many experts. it's perfect for those who don't like too sweet tastes: very good if spreaded with butter on slices of toasted bread, ideal paired to a platter of matured cheeses.

  • Apiculture honey collected from wild-flowers or organic agriculture; excellent  paired with fruity drinks, herbal teas, and yogurt.

  • Honey of delicate taste; commonly used to sweeten foods: coffee, tea, herbal tea and chamomile or paired to a variety of fruits, juices and fresh cheeses. Known for its nutritional and energizing properties, it's especially recommended  for children, athletes,  elderly, sick or any person who make strenuous and stressful jobs.

  • Strongly aromatic honey, to which normally are attributed the same beneficial properties of essential oils from the eucalyptus plant.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items